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Supplier Quality Management Procedure 供應商品質管理程序

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Supplier Quality Management Procedure 供應商品質管理程序

To establish a guideline to control and monitor supplier quality performance, manage supplier to improve quality system and product quality to meet XXX公司 expectations.建立监控供应商品质绩效的方针, 管理供应商改进品质系统及产品品质以达到XXX公司的期望目标.

Document no.FDQP-7-17

Supplier Quality Management Procedure 供應商品質管理程序http://supplierlifecycle.com/wp-content/uploads/woocommerce_uploads/2017/05/FDQP-7-17-Supplier-Quality-Management-Procedure-供應商品質管理程序REV.3.doc


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