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成层现象与供应链层级 Epidermal Stratification and Supply Chain

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在质量改善里,有个工具叫类比法(Analogy),说的是将一些问题类比生活化。借助这个方法,我把层成现象也类比到供应商管理和企业管理中。There is a terminology in both biology and botany: epidermal stratification . When it comes to the vertical structure of a community, the most significant characteristic of the configuration state of a community in the vertical aspect lies in stratification, a phenomenon that the community is divided into many layers vertically. In terms of quality improvement, one of the tools used is called Analogy, which refers to transferring some problems in management into real-life problems by comparison. Resorting to this method, we can make an analogy between stratification and management of suppliers and enterprises.

塑身与公差 Slim and Tolerance

One of the steps in controlling quality is to control tolerance. This is why quality should be built in product design. Tolerance will directly influence the consistency, stability, reliability and functions of products. It is easy to design tolerance, yet it is difficult to control the tolerance in a limited range. This is why America cultivated over ten thousands of engineers studying the control in statistical processes to ensure the quality of military products during the 1940s. The aim to control statistical process is to minimize the product defects which exceed the tolerance, and to inform the engineers of the investigation reasons to take precautions via the form of graphic trend in advance before producing defective goods.

好的质量也意味着好的装柜 Good loading is a nonnegligible part of quality.


质量八大原则 Quality Management Principles

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国际采购课堂案例分享 Traditional Purchasing Dilemma Case Study

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在国际采购的课堂上教授分享了一个案例供学生们讨论,据说这个案例在目前国内的采购领域相当普遍,有达七成的公司面临类似的问题或者说困境。In a lesson on International Purchasing, the professor provided a case study for students to discuss. It is said that currently this case study is typical in the field of purchasing in China, with about 70% companies faced with similar problems or dilemmas.

在笔者看来,这是一个典型的执行传统采购的公司里的采购的做法,介于小采购与大采购之间,因为小采购是关注于订单的执行的,而大采购关注于关系的建立和优化,JIMMY的日常工作中还在扮演救火与解决问题的角色,虽然每天很忙碌,但是基本上都是在解决短期的供应问题,还没有将中长期要解决的流程和制度问题放上议程或者说开始实施。As far as I am concerned, this is a traditional practice typically adopted by a purchasing company, falling in between small purchasing and big purchasing. The former focuses on order execution while the latter values relationship establishment and optimization. JIMMY also plays an important role in rescuing emergency and solving problems. Busy as he is every day, most of the issues that he deals with are short-term supplying problems while mid-and-long-term issues of process and regulation remain to be put on the agenda and into effect.

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