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成层现象与供应链层级 Epidermal Stratification and Supply Chain

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在质量改善里,有个工具叫类比法(Analogy),说的是将一些问题类比生活化。借助这个方法,我把层成现象也类比到供应商管理和企业管理中。There is a terminology in both biology and botany: epidermal stratification . When it comes to the vertical structure of a community, the most significant characteristic of the configuration state of a community in the vertical aspect lies in stratification, a phenomenon that the community is divided into many layers vertically. In terms of quality improvement, one of the tools used is called Analogy, which refers to transferring some problems in management into real-life problems by comparison. Resorting to this method, we can make an analogy between stratification and management of suppliers and enterprises.

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