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清晰的沟通-做好“表哥表姐”Clear Communication Starts from Avoiding Common Document Pitfalls

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与产品设计相似,如何清晰的表达在沟通中显得尤为重要。质量人员常用的工具是程序,文件,表格,公式,业务人员常用的是报价单,订单。见过报价单不写单位的,也亲身经历过购买单位写的不够清楚造成扯皮的。一付门合页,报价单位写1 set (一套),客户确认,下订单,走货,结果收到货就发现不对了,我要的是每包一对(1 pair),怎么变成了每包只有一只合页,数量整整少了一半。而且因为客户初期还觉得工厂的价格既然控制的这么有竞争力,那就多买一点吧。仅仅一个单词的差异,造成了一次重大投诉和纠纷。
Similar to product design, how to express clearly appears to be particularly important in communication. The common tools used by the quality personnel are procedures, documents, tables and formulas, while the ones that used by commercial personnel are quotations and orders. I have seen quotations without units, and have also experienced the wrangles caused by unclear purchase units. In one case, the unit on the quotation of one pair of door hinges was a set. After the customer confirmed it and made the order, it was shipped to customers. Unexpectedly, the customer found something wrong as soon as he received the product. He needed one pair per package, yet it turned out to have only one hinge placed in every pack—thus, it was only the half of the original order in terms of the quantity. Moreover, as the customer regarded the controlled price of the factory as so competitive, he bought more than ever. To sum up, only a difference in a word may give rise to a major complaint and dispute.

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